Meditation without "Trying"
Saturday, December 16th, 12-3pm
With Iveagh and Rasika


Break through energetic and conceptual stumbling blocks to de-mystify meditation as a way of life. Learn practical tools, exercises, visualization techniques and active engagement of the Now! experience.

The workshop is open to all levels. This is given as a module in a yoga teacher training program so there will be some instruction on leading meditation practice.

If you have always had the idea that meditation is not for you, or it’s difficult, or boring or you have started and stopped a meditation practice before (once or several times), this workshop is for you.

These 3 hours will provide the opportunity for us to:

* participate in exercises that will let us clearly see how we can choose not to tango with our stories.

* learn tidbits, tools and techniques that make meditation a game to play constantly.

* experience being grounded in this moment.

* re-engage with the essence of yoga as the path of acceptance and flow.

* get in touch with the simple pleasure of being in friendly gratitude with ourselves and our surroundings. The importance of intention and kindness.

There will be handouts and an open invitation to contact us with further questions once the techniques and tools are put to work.

Fees for this course: 400 pesos/25 usd

For more information, contact:

Rasika Weinstein (Mahasakti)

Rasika's path has led her to gather tools from many different approaches to spirituality. She is a trained psychologist and Montessori guide with a background that includes being a Sannyasin of Osho and several years as a monk with the Ishayas’ of the Bright Path teaching structured meditation techniques, learning about resonance and silence.

She has participated in a wide variety of multi disciplinary workshops, and is active in promoting the de mystification of how it is that we all are permanently floating in a river of abundance and grace, the concept of practical divinity in our everyday lives.

Rasika now considers herself a renegade monk that loves to color outside the lines. She has always had a passion for bridging the gap between intellectual understanding and knowing through individual experience. She has a clear passion for the awareness of connection and oneness in all resonant beings. Her daily practice is based on cultivating gentleness and joy, truthfulness which leads to responsibility and the acknowledgement that All Things Are Right (ATAR). She is of Mexican origin, is fluently bilingual and is bicultural, has lived and studied in Israel, Spain, Canada, the US and Mexico. She loves to cook, eat, chant and enliven the intangible, sometimes transparent connections between individuals and the resonance within. Namaste!

Iveagh Munro (Gomati)

Iveagh’s path has incorporated a variety of meditation practices throughout the past 45 years. She has explored many different pathways to understand experientially the magic of balance, gentleness and flow. She is an avid yoga practitioner, Reiki master and all around enthusiastic explorer of the paths to peace and kindness in her day to day living. All of which has led her to the knowing that meditation and the experience of the ‘now’ is truly the simplest of practices. With an educational and career background as a computer programmer / systems analyst in government, she strived to balance her analytical ‘left brained’ activities with the creative and deeply ethereal connections to the daily divine.

Iveagh is a Canadian who has been living in Puerto Vallarta for eight years – the past three years full time. She loves to canoe, chant, dance, eat, hang out with her cat Ushii and rest in the experience of the moment. Om Namah Shivaya.

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