November 3, 6-9pm Moon Magic and Yoga with Lynette Suchar


Join us the day before the Full Moon for Moon Cycles & Yoga Workshop

We are all affected by the phases of the moon. When we begin to flow with the cycles of the moon, we learn how the moon enhances energy within us.

Learn to connect this moon energy with your yoga practice.
In this workshop Lynette will share:

- the phases of the moon
- the moon's energy on the planet and our bodies
- aligning your yoga practice with the lunar cycle
- moon salutations & restorative practices of yoga
- new moon & full moon rituals, on & off the mat
- get in touch with your inner goddess/god
- full moon savasana

Fees: 350 pesos (20$usd)
To register or learn more, contact Anna: 322-147-7008 or

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