Tuesday Dec. 12, 2017 1-4pm
Reading the Body using Postural Analysis
With Dra. Rachel Grosik


This is a course for yoga teachers and bodyworkers.

This workshop is for those of you who are working developing the eye to see postural imbalances and structural issues in their students. You will learn about common tight muscles, common weak muscles, tonic vs phasic muscles, and go through a series of postural distortions to learn how to work with these examples.

Recommended for those who have been teaching or offering bodywork for at least one year and have an understanding of basic muscle groups and anatomy.

Teacher: Dra. Rachel Grosik

Fees: 400 pesos/22$usd

Make your 10$ non-refundable deposit today to reserve your space today.

If not registering online with your deposit, please RSVP with Anna Laurita anna@davannayoga.com - or tel. 322-147-7008. There is limited space as this will be part of an advanced teacher training program.

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