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Our Next KIRTANS - will be offered in June and July

April 3 & 4
Introduction to Yoga Nidra: a training for teachers
with Lynette Suchar


- dive deeper into relaxation using a specific method of conscious relaxation
- learn how nidra can be a healing and transformational practice
- learn about the koshas
- learn how to create a samkalpa
- learn how to use your voice
- learn how to create a script
- learn how to use props in the practice
- learn about nidra from a traditional yoga and Western health perspective
- learn the importance of nourishing yourself and others
- learn to teach a basic nidra class
-gain 8 Continuing Education Units ( CEU's) from the Yoga Alliance

Cost: 990 pesos

Contact Anna to register:
Call for more information: 322-147-7008

25-hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
Davannayoga - Puerto Vallarta
With Lynette Suchar
April 10-14, 2017


Monday - Friday 11am-4pm

Investment: $380 usd

Make your deposit of $150usd ( plus 5$ paypal fees) now to hold your space.
Deposits are non-refundable

This 25-hour restorative yoga teacher training will teach you about the art of restorative yoga and why it is important to cultivate a restorative practice in your life, as well as why it is an important practice in becoming a well-rounded yoga teacher. This training will involve discussion, restorative practice, and practice teaching. Students will learn about the nervous system, the energetic body, and how this calming practice is an essential tool in finding balance in our lives. By the end, students will know how to teach a basic restorative yoga practice. A 25-hour certificate of completion in Restorative Yoga Training will be given.

The training will include:

What is restorative yoga and why is it important
Three pillars of restorative yoga
The nervous system and energetic body
Effects of chronic stress
Importance of yoga nidra, visualization, and intention-setting
Basic restorative postures
How to effectively use props to aid in relaxation
Verbal cuing, communication, and silence
Learn to observe and assist
Develop a restorative sequence
Pranayama techniques
Learn to hold space safely and comfortably
25 hour certificate in Restorative Yoga Training

Required reading:

Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times
By: Judith Hanson Lasater

Recommended readings:

Living Your Yoga
By: Judith Hanson Lasater

What We Say Matters: Practicing Nonviolent Communication
By: Judith Hanson Lasater


I'm an E-RYT 500 hr certified yoga teacher. I believe we should explore yoga with compassion, a gentle determination, and a sense of humour. I hope to inspire others by living a creative, inspired life. I continue to study with Nicki Doane of Maya Yoga, a system that blends both Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. I am a certified Advanced Relax and Renew® trainer with Judith Hanson Lasater, a certified yin teacher with Bernie Clark, and a certified yoga nidra teacher with Brenda Feuerstein.

Creating Pain Free Movement and Yoga
Tuesday April 11


Creating a Pain-Free Practice

It hurts to sit down, get up, climb stairs, walk from here to there. You can't move. You can't work. You can't play. And you are probably not breathing. How does this happen? Whether you watch TV, lounge at the beach, or practice yoga, Pilates, or Crossfit, the way that you move can create soft-tissue injuries - irritation, tightness, tension, and pain. Sitting for long periods of time, slouching over computers and cell phones, extreme sports, and the aging process, in general, also contribute to acute and chronic soft-tissue injuries.

In this 3-hour workshop, Via will teach you some simple ways to move your body intelligently, in the way that it was designed to move, and in your pain-free range of motion. She will give you tools to create your own yoga/movement practice that is guaranteed to help you move better, feel better, look better, breathe better, and live without pain. You will come away knowing, from the inside out, that intelligent movement, breathing, and awareness, can create a path out of your pain.

This workshop is designed for all ages and all levels of experience. It is based on the principles of yoga, anatomy, biomechanics, and functional movement.


Via Anderson, E-RYT, is a 74-year-old grandmother with a pacemaker who moves freely and often and without pain, as long as she practices what she preaches and teaches. She has a diverse background in yoga and movement education, with certifications in Hatha and Gentle Yoga, BASI Pilates (mat and apparatus), Yin Yoga, Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, Chair Yoga, and Yoga Tune Up and additional training in Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy. Via is founder of Intelligent Movement Forever and teaches private IMF sessions at her home studio in Col. Versalles or at your villa or hotel. She is also available to teach workshops, classes, and online sessions. More information at her website, www.intelligentmovementforever.

Fees for this workshop: 400 pesos
To register contact:
or call: 322-147-7008

Next Yoga Teacher Training Opportunities at davannayoga-
May 1-20 OR July 3-20 - Vinyasa Style with Restorative Module


This 200 hr. yoga teacher training is held in our beautiful yoga school in the historic downtown center of Puerto Vallarta. We are 4 blocks from the ocean. This teacher training focuses on teaching the Vinyasa style to all levels of yoga practitioners. You will also learn how to lead a Hatha Yoga class, Restorative Yoga Class, Children's Yoga class and how to lead a yoga practice for Seniors as well as how to work safely with pregnant women who might join your classes.

You will learn how to teach asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga history and philosophy as well as our signature assists and adjusts to help the students relax and take their practice deeper. To this traditional training you will add your own creative style to become the teacher that you have always wanted to be!

See our Teacher Training page on this website for the full curriculum and details: Teacher Training

AYURVEDA for Amazing Health
Dates: May 3 & 4
Hours: 1-4pm each day


"What is Ayurveda?" The simple answer is that it is the traditional science of Ayurveda designed to bring the body back into balance so it can heal itself, which in itself is astounding, but underneath all of that, Ayurveda is much much more. Ayurveda is a Vedic science, and like yoga, has only one purpose: to expose the illusion and neediness of the mind and become free.

Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India. It's based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Its main goal is to promote good health, not fight disease.

The class will leave you with a basic understanding of these Ayurvedic Principals :

* The 5 Elements (Air, Ether, Water, Fire, Earth) How to identify them in the body.
* The 3 Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
* Healthy Eating Habits and the Tastes
* Dinacharya (Daily Routine)
* AyurYoga (how to use asanas as medicine, and which asanas are for what season of the year)

Fees : 1200 Pesos ( 65 usd)

Bio of Jennifer

Jennifer is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and is a certified yoga and Ayurvedic Practitioner. She has been supporting others to live Ayurvedic Lifestyles for over 11 years. She graduated from the California College of Ayurveda in Grass Valley. She does her continuing education with Nepal's first woman to become an Ayurvedic Doctor - Dr. Sarita Shrestha. She has studied Ayurveda in Khatmandu and India. Jennifer has lived in Mexico for 5 years and believes that "L O V E" is the highest medicine!

Thursday May 11th 1-4pm
Common Injuries and Modifying your Yoga Practice Accordingly
With Dra. Rachel Grosik


Dra. Rachel, our local Holistic Chiropractor will share with us some of the common injuries of athletes and yogis specifically and discuss some of the movements to avoid if one has a specific injury or how one might modify their (or their students) practice while they heal from said injury. She will explain the following common injuries:

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Medial/Lateral Epicondylitis (Tendonitis)

Carpal Tunnel

Herniated Disc
Degeneration (Arthritis)
Spinal curves (lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis)
Pelvis and SacroIliac Joint
Lumbosacral sprain/strain

Meniscus Tear
ACL Tear
DJD (degenerative joint disease)

Plantar fasciitis

This is a great workshop for you if you want to learn more about yoga anatomy or simply be a better practitioner or better yoga teacher. This is an all levels workshop.

Dra. Rachel Bio :
Dr. Rachel Grosik B.S., D.C. is a chiropractor and owner of Holistic Chiropractic. She opened her chiropractic office in Puerto Vallarta with the passion to educate and assist patients in achieving optimal health and performance.

Dr. Rachel places emphasis on the body as a whole, believing that health is a balance of physical, mental and soulful wellness. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology from William Paterson University in New Jersey and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. Her background allows her to incorporate a variety of chiropractic techniques in her office. "My goal is to share my knowledge and various treatment approaches to help each patient reach their health goals. Whether that may be getting out of pain and back to enjoying life, achieving a higher level of performance physically or mentally, recovering from an injury, training for sports or maintaining a wellness lifestyle."

COST: 400 pesos

Contact: Anna Laurita to reserve your space

Tel. 223-0530 or 322-147-7008 or

May 13th and 14th
Restorative Yoga Training Module
Saturday May 13th, 12:30-4:30
Sunday May 14th, 11-4pm


This restorative yoga module will be a glimpse into what restorative yoga is and why it is important to weave into our lives, as well as why it is important for yoga teachers to cultivate a safe and quiet space for students.

The module will include:

  • What is restorative yoga and why is it important
  • The three pillars of restorative yoga
  • The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Yoga nidra, vizualization, and intention-setting
  • Restorative Yoga postures
  • How to effectively use props to aid support and relaxation
  • Lanuage and silence
  • Develop your ability to observe and assist
  • Sequencing a restorative class

Note: This module will give teachers a foundation of teaching restorative yoga and ten hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance.

Recommended reading: Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times (Judith Hanson Lasater)

Price: 1500 pesos for teachers who require a certificate of 10 CEU's & 1300 pesos for those not interested in the certificate

Biography of Lynette

Lynette is an E-RYT 500 hr certified yoga teacher whose teaching style focuses on both flow and alignment. She believes that we should explore yoga with compassion, a gentle determination, and a sense of humour. "I hope to inspire others by living a creative, inspired life." Lynette continues to study with Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini of Maya Yoga, a system that blends both Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. She is a certified Relax and Renew® trainer with Judith Hanson Lasater and a certified yin teacher with Bernie Clark.

6 Week Yoga Course - Yoga for Your Life
May 23 - June 27
Meet once per week on Tuesdays 11-1 ( all other practices in your home)
with Anna Laurita


Want to learn more about all aspects of yoga from the ground up? Want to start a home yoga practice or nourish any yoga practice you already have? Want to learn how to live a more yogic lifestyle with energy, grace and peace in this new year? If so then these 6 weeks are for you. Here is what you will receive:

A practice plan that will last 2 weeks and then you will receive a new plan as you progress. This includes:

  • yogic diet guidelines, pranayama (breathing practice to increase energy or create more peace), asana (posture) practice and a meditation practice as well as a short spiritual practice.

Tuesdays - 2 hour sessions 11am- 1pm

Tuesdays will include

  • A complete yoga session with Anna: mantra, pranayama, asanas, a spiritual talk, guided relaxation and meditation
  • instructions for the next two-week plan
  • short discussion on the past two week plan and questions answered.

This Course: All Tuesdays 11-1

Who may Attend this Course?
This is for every level of yoga practitioner from the complete beginner to the lapsed practitioner or advanced practitioner who wants to deepen the effects of traditional yoga and take yoga off the mat and into his/her daily life. This course will touch on many aspects of yoga. Everybody will learn something.

Special Conditions
This course is also appropriate for pregnant women, people with injuries, stiff people, overly flexible people and those in between. Modifications will be made to the plan for your special condition.

Time Commitment - your daily practice time (at your home) approximately 1-2 hours ( whatever you can make time for) and one 2-hour session on Wednesdays at Davannayoga over 6 weeks. Monday Nights 6:30-7:45 you may join us for FREE for our Dharma Yoga Community Class where we practice the entire sequence that you will be working with.

Can't be here in person?
This program can also be offered via skype at times/dates that are more convenient for you. Please note that prices are different for this individual course. Contact Anna ( ) about this offering.

Cost: 300 usd - includes all materials
There will be no refunds once you have received the materials.

What should I bring?

  • A yoga mat if you have one, if not, one can be provided for you at davannayoga for sessions here.
  • A refillable water bottle
  • A notebook/pen
Summer Yoga Teacher Traning
July 3-20, 2017

Upcoming Teacher Trainings

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