Breath of the Month for March: Square Breathing

Square Breathing is also called Samavritti Pranayama.

This is a calming and equalizing breath and can help with meditation and concentration. Using the mantra Om while practicing the square breathing technique will help awaken your psychic channels.


● First make sure that when you inhale, your abdomen expands and when you exhale, your abdomen contracts. Please work on this correct breath before beginning square breathing.

● Inhale four Om's and visualize rising up the square.

● Hold the inhale four Om's and visualize gliding across the top of the square.

● Exhale four Om's moving down the opposite side of the square.

● Hold the air out for four Om's.

● Begin again.

You can start with 5 rounds and advance in the number of rounds as you feel comfortable.

Counter Indications:

Don't hold your breath if you have hypertension or are pregnant.


– Anna

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