Raoul Diaz De La Garza
Davannayoga’s Kirtan Master and Deity Specialist Owner and Director of the Saraswati Bhakti Yoga Center

During this course Raoul Diaz De La Garza, will be our Kirtan Master and offer modules on Kirtan and the Deities.

Raoul has been leading monthly Kirtans at davannayoga since 2009. His experience in music and the magic of music in yoga, meditation and life is immense.

Raoul's background includes 2 years at Beijing's School of Performing Arts, PRC. and two years at UC Berkeley California, USA as well as 5 years of Private Piano Immersion in Mexico City with Piano Masters.

For the past eight years he has been the director at Saraswati Multidimensional Creativity. This group explores the creative process of music and language as an expression of consciousness.

Prior to his music career, Raoul's creative background includes being creative director at McCann Erickson, in Mexico, Japan and Hong Kong. He spent five years prior producing, editing and assisting the director for Mandoki films in Mexico City, Mexico.

Raoul leads a meditation group twice per week in his own meditation space in Vallarta and loves to surf, practice yoga and meditate.

He has performed live piano concerts in Australia, China, France, India, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, and the USA.

He has produced six CD's of piano music composed in India, Japan and Mexico.


"The attraction that one finds in music makes one wonder if there is a mystery hidden behind it, if there is a language of sound which could be learned. The answer is that the language of music and sound is the language of the soul. It is our inner language, the natural language of life."

"It is the tone and rhythm of sound which have an influence on the tone and rhythm of our being. By the help of music we can tune ourselves to the spheres where we wish to be, aiming to higher planes of expression where we can discover the inner and outer balance of our own bright soul, for understanding, freedom and love."


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