Susan Jarema
President of New Earth Marketing, a digital marketing agency and technology partner, Davannayoga Teacher
The Business of Yoga

Susan will teach you how to pull together your yoga marketing and technology in a way that helps you grow your yoga business. She is a davannayoga teacher and a no-nonsense business woman.

Here is only a small glimpse of what you will learn about and do:

* Work through your vision for your yoga career
* Contemplate and refine your yoga brand
* Explore new strategies to build your tribe
* Learn how you can optimize SEO on your blogs and social profiles
* Learn about technology platforms to build trust and engage with clients & leads
* Moving beyond studio teaching, to being an entrepreneur
* Share creative ways to build your business and grow your revenue
* Discuss ways to leverage your time and create passive income
* Take your yoga off the mat and into your business
* Get started on your own marketing plan to ensure your success


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