5 Suggestions to Move From Contraction to Expansion This Spring

Anna Laurita

Finally, it’s Spring. A time to celebrate new life, awakening, fertility, coming out of the Winter and consciously coming out of contraction after 24 months/105 weeks/737 days of pandemic. It has felt like one long Winter.

The time has come to expand our vibration and create a positive
collective consciousness again.

For the past 24 months, we have been in deep contraction and research says it has been hard on us. According to a survey of more than 5,000 adults published in February in the medical journal JAMA, adverse mental health symptoms, drug abuse and suicide ideation have increased in the past two years. We have been in isolation, hibernating and contracting.

“We resonate with each others vibration, we are social beings. Our friendships are our natural antidepressants and anti-anxiety interventions. We all need a big hug!”
Anna Laurita

Our physical bodies have suffered too, our skin is breaking out from masks, and our hands are dry from excessive washing, we have hair loss from stress and anxiety and the poor diets we have maintained during the pandemic. Oh and on the subject of poor diets, let’s not forget about the extra pounds we have put on during these last two years. The American Dental Association says that we are grinding our teeth and clenching our jaws more too. Excessive sitting in chairs is not only affecting our posture (and poor posture affects our brain) but you may have experienced “Dead Butt Syndrome”, ok go ahead and laugh… but it’s a thing! “Dead Butt Syndrome”, also called lower cross syndrome, gluteal amnesia or gluteus medius tendinosis, happens when the gluteus medius (one of the three main muscles in your bottom) weakens due to sitting all day.

We have been grinding, clenching, and squeezing, and literally folding in on ourselves. Let’s feel the earth again with our bare feet. Let us EFT Tap our bodies into happily vibrating souls. Let’s clear our chakra caches, breathe deeply, practice yoga, dance, soak ourselves in sound baths and hug the trees.

Here are some other suggestions I have for you on coming out of contraction and into an expansive, positive vibration this Spring:

Spring Clean – With all this fresh cleansing spring energy in the air, clean your body, mind, your emotions and your personal space. Throw out the junk food. Cleanse your body with a short juice or soup fast. In your home, release what no longer serves you.

Smile – Thich Nhat Hanh says that when we smile, it relaxes hundreds of muscles in our face and upper body and shows others that we are the master of ourselves. He also says when we smile, we make life more beautiful. A smile has an expansive vibration. It’s also contagious.

Set Spring Intentions – tune into the Spring energy to grow your ideas, hopes and dreams. Make your intentions expansive in vibration. Don’t just write them down, sing your intentions into the wind, put your intentions on a piece of paper and bury them by your favorite tree. Uplift the vibration around you.

Practice Gratitude – Start a gratitude board in your home. This is what I’m working on currently, a place where I pin up things that I’m grateful for, from the delightful cup of tea, to a sweet kiss from my husband upon waking, from mangoes to chocolate, from a beautiful sunset, to having another Spring day.

Practice “Positive Flooding” – a powerful exercise to amplify appreciation for you, your friends, family or partner’s wonderful qualities. Look yourself in the mirror, or look at your friend or family member in the eyes and say all of the the physical characteristics, personality traits, behaviors, and affirmations that explain why you appreciate, love, admire, and cherish them or yourself. Then end with a big hug (yes, you can even hug yourself). Practice at least one minute.

Basically, do something that helps you to symbolically start again – we need to expand the positive collective consciousness and it starts with you and me. We can create a vibration of positivity, miracle, happiness, and joy.

What we do will affect the worldwide vibration and we all need this.

What will you do?

Anna Laurita can help you move from contraction into expansion with private yoga sessions in person or online. She can lead you in a chakra clearing session, and help you to re-energize your physical and emotional body through breathing, movement and uplifting visualizations: anna@davannayoga.com

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