Beginning or Starting Again – Just Show Up

To begin a yoga practice or re-commit to your practice, there is one common denominator, just show up!  It’s really that simple.

A student shared their new year’s intention: “My intention is to make space, just one morning a week, for myself and my yoga practice. Even if it’s just a few minutes, I can move my body and align with my higher self.” She only has 10-30 minutes a day to dedicate to her practice, so I sent her the sequence that you’ll find below. She admits that she doesn’t even get out of her pajamas to practice. Perfect! Just as it should be. Unglamorous, unbinding, just practice.

Yogis call this practice of showing up, Abhyāsa, which was introduced by Sri Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras.  He says this showing up is the best way to practice.  Making a daily deposit, no matter how small, into the bank account of your well-being truly adds up over time to keep you feeling good and able to do everything you need, want, and love to do in the rest of your life.

You may or may not see benefits of the practice right away, but let’s not focus on that says the Yoga Sutras, let’s show up and stay present to whatever comes your way.  

Just starting a yoga practice or beginning again? Here are 4 steps to try, and a sequence to make it easy:

  • In a quiet space, sit or stand and put one hand on your belly and one near your heart. Breathe in and out. As you inhale, feel the belly expend, and as you exhale, your belly contracts toward the spine. Try this for 10 slow breaths…. Still have time for more? 
  • Try the first line of the sequence below, you will complete the six actions of the spine in just under 10 minutes, practicing each posture for 5 breaths. That’s more movement than many people make in their spine in one whole day.   Use the simple breath we just practiced for the seated pose.  Simple as that – wellness points deposited.   
  • Now, if you have more time, you can try other postures in the sequence. Please read the lines below the photos as they suggest time to stay in the postures or suggest repeating a sequence. 
  • Give gratitude to yourself for showing up.

Enjoy this sequence to help you commit or recommit to a yoga practice in 2023.    The New Moon is just around the corner on January 21st, 2023. Being the new moon of a new year, it’s a great time to start something new or to renew your commitment to something you love, like your yoga practice. 

Would you like mantra, mudra, and breathing suggestions for the above sequence with  step-by-step video instruction on how you may practice it effectively? If so, then go here:

If you would like a private online session to create a sequence for the amount of time you have available daily to commit to practice, please contact Anna:

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