Under the influence of consciousness

Indian Agate – Mala of the Month

December I am featuring the Indian Agate 108 bead yoga mala this month, and wearing it myself, as it will help us to re-gain courage, trust our inherent abilities, and...

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Anna - Balasana

Surrender in Yoga

I surrender past conditioning. I accept and allow. I am present. I release of struggle while keeping the energy/effort toward long term goals. This is Surrender. Where did I learn...

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your exhale is my inhale

Your Exhale Is My Inhale

Our breath connects us and can be a strong tool in reconnection anxiety as we remove our masks and move into society.

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new grateful


This was the quote on today’s peppermint Yogi Tea Bag, that a thoughtful student brought to me as a gift. I stopped, and was grateful. Being grateful, is a conscious...

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