Breath Potential – self paced online course

with the option of scheduling a private follow on practice session with the instructor

A Breathing Course For Everybody – Learn To Breathe Correctly and Effectively

This course is a research based course is to help you discover the potency of your breath to heal, calm the mind and body, gain clarity, creativity and more vitality.

In a self-paced manner, with Anna Laurita as your guide, you will explore our breath’s potential. You will break bad breathing habits and gain vibrant well being and higher awareness.

In the course, you will discover the connection between the nervous system and your breath and how to control your nervous system with your breath. You will learn about the natural breath cycles and how to hack them to create more clarity and focus in your life.

The teachings of the breath in this course will have a profound impact on your personal and professional life.

Your Breath Has Potential. Let’s Explore It!

Ongoing Self-Paced Course with the option to schedule private follow on sessions with Anna Laurita:

Course Fees: $79

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