We offer a variety of yoga classes to suit all levels of experience and abilities.
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Vinyasa Yoga

This class is based on the traditional parameters of Vinyasa Yoga which are: steadiness, comfort, breath and unwavering focus on breath. This dynamically flowing practice synchronizes postures with the breath. This is a swift moving, theme-based class with mantra, mudra, pranayama (breath), surya namaskaras (sun salutations), standing asanas, twists, balances, core strengthening postures, backbends and inversions and a looong rest at the end. You will leave feeling Yoga Good!

Please note: there is little instruction in this class, instead it is focused on the flow and is best for those with some existing yoga practice. This class is Not Recommended for people with injuries.

Relaxing Restorative Yoga

Gentle yoga postures, heavily propped, are offered in this class. The postures are held for some minutes and incorporate props such as pillows, blankets, cushions, straps, chairs and the wall to help you stay in the pose comfortably for a full restoration. Expect breath awareness, deep openings and guided visualizations that will bring you to full equilibrium.

This class is recommended for all levels and is a particularly good class for those with stress or anxiety, those in transition, or for those who just need a break from moving too quickly. This is also a great class for students who are recovering from injuries. Please let your teacher know if you have injuries so that the teacher can adapt the practice to your needs.

Yoga morning yoga

Morning Yoga

You will encourage circulation in the muscles and train the breath for the day ahead. Expect mantras, mudras, pranayama, basic asanas and a guided meditation to finish the session.

This is an all-levels class and is suitable for pregnant women, students who are new to yoga and de-conditioned students as well as long-time practitioners. This class may contain Hatha yoga postures, Vinyasa Krama (slow vinyasa sequences) and sometimes Kundalini Kriyas. The sequence and theme always changes so you will keep progressing in your yoga practice.

This class will create a mind-body-spirit synchronicity so you’ll feel Yoga Good all day long!

Sunset Yoga

Sunset yoga is designed to acclimate your body and soul to the setting sun. You will practice pranayama (breathing techniques) mantras and mudras for the season/day, asanas (postures suited to your individual needs) and a 10-15 minute meditation. When you open your eyes from meditation, you will watch the setting sun.

* This class is by appointment only – cost 125$ usd for 1-10 people. The session is 75 mins. 

yoga description
yoga description

davannayoga® For Pregnancy - Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga

While pregnant women, with an existing yoga practice are welcome to all classes, a real delight is a private yoga session with Anna (*ERPYT, with the Yoga Alliance) to help create a practice that diminishes common discomforts of pregnancy and to create a beautiful bonding time between mom and their unborn child.

Post-Natal yoga is a great chance to get back into your body after creating and carrying a new life for for 9 months . If you have children under the age of 1-year old (not walking yet) you may bring them to class.

Please schedule your private session with Anna: anna@davannayoga.com or call the yoga shala:+52-322-147-7008

Pricing for this 1- hour session is $75usd

*Experienced Registered Pregnancy Yoga Teacher with the International Yoga Alliance.

Dharma Yoga

You will be lead through the Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa practice created by Sri Dharma Mittra. This is an all-levels moderately paced yoga class with prana enhancing breathing techniques, mantras, yoga asanas, and a nice long healing guided relaxation practice at the end. This class is designed to help the practitioner maintain good health physically and mentally and to increase stamina.

yoga description
Yoga class- chakra rebalancing

Chakra Balancing

In this davannayoga set sequence there are many options built in for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. Chaturanga is optional!

This class gives you a chakra tune-up as you practice the asanas related to each energy center, from the bottom up. At the end, you will replenish the chakras from the top down. Commentary on each chakra and helpful ideas to bring them into balance is added.

All levels are invited to practice including those nursing an injury (please let the teacher know about your specific injury) who want to go slower and also it is a great class for beginners.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a low impact yoga practice including standing and seated postures. Anna builds in many modifications for the postures to adapt to all practitioners in the shala.  Expect to practice asana, pranayama, movement and stillness. Unlike Vinyasa, where we stay in a pose for only 5 breaths, in Hatha Yoga we will hold postures for a lengthy period of time, practicing the 4 pillars of Davannayoga alignment in the practice: Foundation, Breath, Drishti and Surrender. 

This class is appropriate for all levels of practitioners and for pregnant women as well as those overcoming injuries. 

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