Indian Agate – Mala of the Month


I am featuring the Indian Agate 108 bead yoga mala this month, and wearing it myself, as it will help us to re-gain courage, trust our inherent abilities, and find strength and resilience as we head toward the new year 2022. This stone will rebalance your energy, and helps to dispel anger and any negative energy around you. This mineral is also known to bring luck to the wearer.

Promotes inner peace and relaxation

Indian Agate is recognized for its soothing and relaxing benefits which aid you to channel profound sensations of harmony, rest, and a higher state of mental peacefulness. It supplements your aura with a protective energy stream that guides you to raise your vibration and attain a deep state of contentment and tranquility.  

Fosters creativity, intellection, and good fortune

Indian Agate improves creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a helpful stone for students and artists.  The powerful harmonizing vibrationsof the Indian Agate raise your vibrations to align you with the frequency of the things you want to manifest. Perfect for the New Year!

Chakra Connection

Indian Agate is linked to the Sacral and Heart chakras.
Indian Agate promotes balance in your sacral chakra and harmonizes your energy flow while helping you to experience smooth transitions in life. The heart chakra also benefits from the Indian Agate as it gives you the courage to live your life freely and authentically. This stone brings deep calm to your soul that allows you to connect to others with kindness and compassion.

108 bead Indian Agate with pink tassle
Unisex Indian Agate Mala – on stretchy string to wrap around the wrist or on the neck.

Want an Indian Agate 108 bead Yoga Mala in your life? You can choose between the shorter mala with pink tassle or the longer and larger bead stretchy yoga mala which can be worn by men or women around the neck or wrapped around the wrist. Contact: Anna

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  1. Wow, Anna, your post about the Indian Agate Mala of the Month has got me feeling all Zen and ready to channel my inner yogi! I can still feel the energy of those 108 beads and the Sumeru guru bead. But seriously, I appreciate how you explain the significance of the number 108, with 1 representing God, the universe, or your own higher power/truth, 0 standing for emptiness and humility in spiritual practice, and 8 representing infinity and timelessness. And the fact that you can wear the mala for protection and to receive the energy of your mantra meditation? It’s like spiritual insurance! I might need to invest in some mala protection myself. All in all, I’m feeling very inspired to incorporate some mala mantra meditation into my daily routine. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm, Anna!

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