Puerto Vallarta Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants and Resources

Visiting Puerto Vallarta or moving here? I am often asked where the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants are, so here is the list I’ve compiled. Thank you Vegetarian and Vegan Puerto Vallarta facebook page for much of the resources section. My family and I compiled the list of restaurants.
Buen Provecho!

Vegan and Vegetarian Food Options updated Dec. 2020 by Davannayoga

Our Favorite Vegan and Veg Restaurants

in random order, not in order of preference

Veggitalia Pizza and Osteria Italiana Great Italian Vegan and Gluten Free too if desired: Just three min. walk ( 2 blocks) blocks from davannayoga.
Calle Corona #172, Centro:


Organic Select:

They have a lovely restaurant with veg & vegan and other options. Great selection on the menu. Calm and peaceful setting.
Calle Francia #169 in Versalles https://organic-select.com/

Planeta Vegetariana: Affordable and healthy vegetarian buffet – 3 blocks from davannayoga Calle Iturbide #270, Centro https://www.facebook.com/PlanetaVegetarianoPV

Budaixi – Authentic Taiwanese and delicious! Great vegan options. Affordable, quick service and good food. A nice family owned business, friendly and efficient. Small space. They also have delivery.
Calle Hamburgo #155 in Colonia Versailles

Garden Buffet – Vegetarian Buffet Restaurant – affordable. Garden like setting. Avenida Tules #365

La Tostaderia : Great tostadas, chilaquiles, enchiladas and more. Affordable, swift service. Outdoor seating. 5 min. walk from davannayoga. Iturbide #263 https://www.facebook.com/La-Tostaderia-702794516467580/

Salud Super Food Restaurant: Breakfast and lunch. Amazing vegetarian, vegan recipes. Nice staff. Clean food. Healthy serving sizes, reasonable prices. Great smoothies too!: Calle Olas Altas 534-A Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta 48380 Mexico
https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g150793- d2467613-Reviews-Salud_Super_Food-Puerto_Vallarta.html

Bonito Kitchen & Bar: Asian Small Plates – Vietnamese Restaurant De Los Tules 325, Jardines de Las Gaviotas 48328

The Green Place: Serene ambiance, slow service, make time to relax and enjoy your meal. Good food!
Honduras 309, Col. 5 de Diciembre 48350 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico


Calmate: Great vegan and veg options. Nice staff. Good service. Healthy and clean. About 10 min walk from davannayoga. Great bowls and gluten free options too. Vast and delightful menu.

Calle Honduras 218, Puerto Vallarta 48350 Mexico just 0.3 miles from Malecon Boardwalk https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g150793- d19338253-Reviews-Calmate_Cafe-Puerto_Vallarta.html

Vegan, Inc:

Everything Vegan.
Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2485 Local C-01 Zona Hotelera Norte 48333 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico https://www.facebook.com/VeganIncVallarta/

Playa Detox: Great coconut ceviche and creative dishes. Good prices too.
Centro City in Aramara PV ( near the marina that cruise ships come into)


Veggie Ramen Mei:

Calle Juarez #467 (5 min walk from davannayoga) inside the Ten to Ten Hostel https://www.facebook.com/VeganRamenMEI/

MARKETS : Favorite vegan and natural food stores/ Where to get meat Substitutes/ nuts, seeds, etc…

Organic Select:

The first of it’s kind. Everything organic and delicious. High quality products. They have local Mexican farms and support Mexican farmers. They also have a lovely restaurant. And home delivery of their products.

Calle Francia #169 in Versalles

Ginger Veggie

(beyond meat products and soy based products and so much more) It’s tiny but holds a lot!: https://www.facebook.com/gingerveggiepv

Beyond Meat products can be found at Walmart ( all locations) and the burgers are often found (along with other vegan items) at Costco.

Toyo foods

has Asian food supplies and affordable Tahini. 
Calle Perú No.1120-3
322 223 3077

Municipal Market Emiliano Zapata

Baca Mercado : https://www.google.com/maps/ place/Baca+Market
Fresh fruit, veg, artisan breads, nuts, spices, seeds, fresh squeezed juice and so much more!

Vegan/Veg Supplies and Home Made Food!

The resource for this section is the Vegan Directory by Sava VS on the Vegetarian and Vegan Facebook page. I have only included items I know of in PV proper, not in surrounding areas, as this is intended to be a resource for our course attendees who are staying in PV.

ABOCADO: https://www.facebook.com/abocadopv/
• Products/Productos: tacos, gringas, sopes, pozole, etc.

  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:
  • Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.170.9601
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: 

Al Kefir : https://www.facebook.com/Al- kefir-194122104572826/

  • Products/Productos: kombucha, kefir, coconut yogurt/ yogurt de coco
  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
    The Green Place
    La Semilla
    Baca Mercado Emiliano Zapata
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.168.7302
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: 

Alquimiate: https://www.facebook.com/alquimiate/

  • Products/Productos: Protein powder, supplements, vitamins and minerals, essential oils, etc./ Proteína en polvo, suplementos, vitaminas y minerales, aceites esenciales, etc.

Contact/Contacto: 322.197.1266 0 22.221.407
Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Baked Goods By Lu: https://www.facebook.com/Baked- Goods-by-Lu-102048741525453/

  • Products/Productos: Cookies and banana bread/ Galletas y pan de platano
  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 556.786.0105
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

B Green Vallarta

  • Products/Productos: Soy pastor and soy picadillo/ Pastor de soya y picadillo de soya
  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.169.9283
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Cocahuatl: https://www.facebook.com/Cocahuathl/

  • Products/Productos: Chocolate bars and truffles, peanut butter, chilate (cacao drink), etc. / Barras y trufas de chocolate, crema de cacahuate, chilate, etc.
  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.175.6708
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✘

Coco Yogurt: https://www.facebook.com/rafa.coco.3

El Itacate: https://www.facebook.com/itacatedemaiz/

  • Products/Productos: Tlacoyos, sopes, tortillas, etc.
  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.148.5217
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Farm To Table PV


  • Products/Productos: Fruits and vegetables/ Frutas y verduras
  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.148.5827
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Goddess Goodies: https://www.facebook.com/ healthyhealinggoddess/

  • Products/Productos: Protein & energy bliss balls, muffins, sweet breads, etc./ Bolitas de proteína y energía, muffins, panes, etc.
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.132.8218 o 949.230.0553
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Kahlos Superfoods: https://www.facebook.com/ productoskahlomx/

  • Products/Productos: Peanut butters, golden milk, monk fruit and coconut milk/ Creams de cacahuate, leche dorada, fruta de monje y leche de coco
  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido Cowork Natureza MA Organiks
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.131.1010
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

The Sweet Life: https://www.facebook.com/ ladulcevida.thesweetlifepuertovallarta/

  • Products/Productos: Cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, etc./ Pasteles, tartas, galletas, brownies, etc.
  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido The Green Place
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.134.3247
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✘

La Quemada: https://www.facebook.com/La-Quemada- Salsa-110718724010086/

  • Products/Productos: Lentil ceviche, vietnamese rolls, eggplant dip, chickpea curry, hummus and weekly ready-made meals/ Ceviche de lentejas, rollitos vietnamitas, salsa de berenjena, garbanzos al curry, humus y comidas preparadas semanales
  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:

Pre-order/sobre pedido

  • Contact/Contacto: 322.216.8911
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Mente Cacao: https://www.facebook.com/ mentecacaovallarta/

  • Products/Productos: Chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, cacao, cacao butter, etc./ Barras de chocolate, chocohelados, cacao, manteca de cacao, etc.
  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido Sayulita Wine Shop
    8 Tostadas Nuevo Vallarta
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.303.1575
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Muss Hummus: https://www.facebook.com/ Muss.SuperFood.Pv/

  • Products/Productos: Hummus/ Humus
  • Where to buy/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.889.5073
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Pania: https://www.facebook.com/pania.artesanal/

  • Products/Productos: Bread loaves, cinnamon rolls, bagels, hamburger buns, etc./ Barras de pan, roles de canela, bagels, pan para hamburguesa, pan de muerto, etc.
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido The Green Place Elforoteo
    La Semilla Minisuper Talpa

Lo Mejor del Trigo- Pitillal

  • Contact/Contacto: 322.323.1168
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Plant Base For Home

  • Products/Productos: Falafel, burger, gazpacho, cheese, etc./ Falafel, hamburguesa, gazpacho, queso, etc.
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.135.9742
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Productos Rancho San Augustin:
https:// www.facebook.com/Productos-Rancho-San- Agustin-1979711332080212/

• Products/ProductosJackfruit stew, cheese, nut milk, bread, etc./Guisados de yaca, queso, leche de semillas, panes, etc.

  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido The Green Place
    La Semilla
    Ginger Veggie pv
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.238.6633 o 322.135.7790
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Salsas Pajarilla: https://www.facebook.com/pajarillasauce/

  • Products/Productos: Salsas
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido Big Apple Vallarta
    La Semilla
  • The Green Place
  • Ginger Veggie pv
  • Organic Select
  • Los Sabores de mi Tierra – Mercadito Gourmet – Francisco Villa
  • Contact/Contacto: 551.918.0897
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔Sharing Is Caring: https://www.facebook.com/ Sharingiscaring.edyl/
  • Products/Productos: Hummus, nut butter, cheese, bacon, etc./ Humus, cremas de semillas, quesos, tocino, etc.
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:

Pre-order/sobre pedido

Ginger Veggie pvContact/Contacto: 322.150.5227

Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Shining Sprouts: https://www.facebook.com/ ShiningSprouts/

  • Products/Productos: Sprouts, basil dressing and mosquito repellent/ Germinados, aderezo de albahaca y repelente
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.152.0903
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Superfoods PV: https://www.facebook.com/Super-Foods- PV-111066713951414/

  • Products/Productos: Cheesecakes, nut butters, truffles, ice pops and ice cream sandwiches/ Pastel de cheesecake, cremas, trufas, paletas y sándwiches de helado
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.191.3940
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Tamal Gourmet: https://www.facebook.com/Tamale- Gourmet-WRAP-113098628813286/

  • Products/Productos: Sweet and savoury tamales/ Tamales dulces y salados
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.779.8037
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Valeriana: https://www.facebook.com/valerinapbvegan/

  • Products/Productos: peanut butter, cookies and muffins/crema de cacahuate, galletas y panquecitos.
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido Cafe Canela
    The Green Place
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.137.1705
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Vallarta Vegan Art: https://www.facebook.com/Vallarta-Vegan- Art-103828030998844/

  • Products/Productos: Tortillas, bread, jackfruit stews, meat substitutes, etc./ Tortillas, pan, guisados de yaka, hamburguesas, salchicha, etc.
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.429.5285
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio:✔

Vegan Bomb : https://www.facebook.com/veganbomb.PV

  • Products/Productos: Ready-made meals, baked goods, hummus, cheese, sauces, chorizo, etc./ Platillos preparados, productos horneados, humus, quesos, salsas, chorizo, etc.
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta: Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 624.171.8430

  • VEGAN IS GOOD: https://www.facebook.com/ Veganisgoodpv/
  • Products/Productos: Cheesecake, cinnamon rolls, cookies, breads, etc./ Cheesecake, roles de canela, galletas, panques, etc.
  • Where to find it/puntos de venta:Pre-order/sobre pedido
  • Contact/Contacto: 322.216.6654
  • Delivery/ Servicio a domicilio: ✔

Great Resources:

Vegetarian and Vegan Puerto Vallarta Facebook Group

Find Vegan Restaurants Near You through Happy Cow. This link is for Puerto Vallarta:https://www.happycow.net/north_america/mexico/ puerto_vallarta/

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  1. Wonderful resources, I am happy to see that PV can provide so many options in dining and food shopping that support my lifestyle diet of plant based foods. Muchas Gracias!

    1. We are truly blessed to have all of these resources. And so many nearby to davannayoga for our visiting students. Thank you for your comment!

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