“Without Hesitation I Would Recommend Davannayoga as a Training School.”

Anna is incredibly knowledgeable and well versed in various forms of Yoga practice. She is fair, informative, organized and active as a trainer. Although this class was virtual, she had everything put together to delivery a full and complete training to our group, and we actually managed to bond as a class! Without hesitation I would recommend davannayoga as a training school.

James O’Brien, Toronto Canada, Oct. 2020

Shannon Tabor, February 2021
Anna is a wonderful yoga instructor, teacher, and all-around person. I recently completed my yoga teacher training with her and had an excellent experience. Due to Covid-19 I took this training online instead of in person and I was very impressed by Anna’s ability to teach in a virtual environment – she made the time fly by and also made me feel very comfortable! Anna is extremely knowledgeable and skilled and she has so much to offer! I would recommend Davannayoga to anyone living in or visiting PV as well as anyone elsewhere in the world looking for virtual yoga classes or yoga school.

I’m pleased to give my feedback for Anna’s Davannayoga Online Yoga Teacher Training which I completed in August. I admit I was slightly hesitant to pursue the teacher training online, as I imagined completing it online might serve as an impediment to the learning experience I might get in person.

From the first day, I noted how well-organized Anna was. She sent us all the books and material we needed to have printed ahead of time. Throughout the online classes she gave clear, concise instructions on the material we covered which at times was really dense. Anna’s feedback and teaching style is honest and firm, while gentle and uplifting. She instills confidence in her students and always pointed out the best in each of us and what we had to offer (which is so encouraging to any aspiring teacher!)

The zoom discussions with other teachers were dynamic, interactive and she led the classes in a fun and engaging way. The online Teachable platform included all the additional material we needed and was organized clearly into sections and sub-topics. We moved through a lot of information in a relatively short amount of time, but her organization, instruction and clear deadlines, made learning and absorbing information much more manageable.

The classes were thorough and enriching which is evident from Anna’s lifelong, expansive study of yoga and years of experience. She has diverse knowledge across a wide number of disciplines related to yoga and it was a privilege to be able to incorporate her wisdom and methods into my own personal practice.

I’m looking forward to assisting in some in-person classes and taking classes at the Davannayoga shala as well. Thank you for everything.

Nicole Schön, Sept. 2020

“Davannayoga is Outstanding In Every Aspect”
(a review of our online YTT 200 training program)
Davannayoga is outstanding in every aspect. Anna is an amazing teacher, professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Her online course created a sense of community during our 16-day course. We were live on zoom for 4 hrs every day. Anna provided instruction, lead yoga classes, and involved student-led demonstrations of their learning. The course also offers an in-person option for the future, mentoring with Anna in her studio. I was leery about taking an online yoga teacher training but found the experience with davannayoga to be outstanding! I look forward to taking more courses with Anna at davannayoga.
Sandra Perry, USA, Nov. 2020

 “I had a lot of ‘ah-ha!’ moments during our sessions.”

“I will forever be grateful for having had the opportunity to undertake my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Anna at Davannayoga. I live in the UK and visit Puerto Vallarta on family trips once a year, at which time I get to take part in Anna’s yoga classes. I had wished to undertake teacher training with Anna in person, but the distance to travel made this impossible. However, with Anna’s online training via zoom and on teachable my dream has now become a reality!

Anna’s course is completely immersive and intensive, and an incredible way to begin your yoga journey, either to begin as a teacher or to deepen your knowledge of yoga. The teachable platform Anna uses provides all of the information and references that you will need for the course, and the specific books required for reading and reference also provide a great deal of information to assist you in the course.

I had a lot of ‘ah-ha!’ moments during our sessions and when the course finished I not only felt incredibly proud of my achievement but also very much missed seeing Anna each day and the other students.

I would recommend this course to everyone…”

Laura Schaad Jackson, London, UK, Oct. 2020


…Anna’s training program is designed to do it mostly at your own pace from home allowing you to juggle multiple activities a day without compromising on the quality of the learning you get. As a matter of fact, I love having the online resources available online , as I can go over them as often as I need after the course.

I truly recommend the Davannayoga online training, you will learn Yoga in such a holistic fascinating way which in turn will enable you to be a confident and capable Yoga teacher.

Anna is a very knowledgeable, a brilliant teacher who will support you to complete the course, her flexibility allowed me to accommodate a small crisis at work even, without feeling I missed anything.

Also, Anna’s understanding nature, allowed me to be guilt-free in having a 3 yr old running around in the background at times. Truly unique!”.

Lourdes Ramirez Hernandez

I cannot recommend this program and Anna, an amazing, authentic, beautiful, nurturing, inspiring teacher more. If you are thinking about it, dive into your dreams and you won’t look back. I wish I could go back and do it all again!
Louise Kozier

Anna at Davannayoga is an exceptional teacher. She is knowledgeable, organized and extremely helpful. She meets students where they are and then lovingly challenges them to grow beyond their comfort zones. I highly recommend Davannayoga as a teaching school as well as a place for yoga classes and continuing education on yogic lifestyle.
Matt Frisbie 2019

Davannayoga was extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable during my studies. Davannayoga taught me so much and also I learned so much about myself! I will always recommend them to those who wish to take their yoga teacher training. They helped me to achieve my dreams and I’m so grateful for this!
Druanna Johnston, May 2019

I took my 200 hr teacher training at Davannayoga with Anna Laurita in October 2017. I found her training through this website and decided to go from Canada all the way to PV, Mexico because of the nice reviews I read. The training that Anna provided totally exceeded my expectations. Anna is a professional, knowledgeable, devoted teacher and excellent human being. She knows when to challenge you but also when to ask you to be kind to yourself. The location and ambiance of her shala give you a sense of peace as soon as you enter the place. In addition to this, she has the most kind and amazing team of yoga teachers that participate in the training. My yoga training at Davannayoga was transformative for me physically, mentally and spiritually so I totally recommend Anna, her shala and her team of yoga teachers.
Esmeralda Klick, April 2019

The 200 hour teaching training at Davannayoga was thorough, organized, and left me feeling confident and prepared to start teaching yoga. The teaching manual Ana put together for this training us invaluable and something I frequently refer back to. She brought in other knowledgeable teachers and professionals, including a holistic chiropractor, which really helped to see some other styles of teaching, as well gain a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology. I would recommend Davannayoga to anyone looking to complete a training.
Molly Keating Rodriguez, May 2019

I had only been practicing yoga for a couple of months before attending davannayoga teacher training. I chose to attend the training in order to build a solid foundation for my yoga practice. Being a novice to yoga, I found the information very through and the training to have incredible structure. It was the perfect way for me to learn more and I love that I was able to receive that information in the beginning of my yoga journey. I would highly recommend davannayoga to beginners and experienced yogis alike.
Mary McKee , graduated Feb. 2019

The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Davannayoga exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend it to future yoga teachers. Anna Laurita, the owner, and leader of the training is very experienced and teaches with great skill, passion, and positivity. The training program and schedule are comprehensive and do not only cover the physical aspects of yoga, but also yoga history, philosophy and theory and provides a good balance between the spiritual facets of yoga as well as physical. Additional expert teachers are brought in to teach anatomy and awareness of injuries, as well as yoga classes. Anna creates a yoga shala culture that is inclusive, motivating, cheerful, and uplifting for all participants. She also walks the talk in alignment with the yamas and niyamas: The Davanna Yoga shala and course are professional, well organized and include a good dose of discipline. Namaste Anna & Davanna Yoga!
Britt Huber, San Francisco

Anna Laurita of davannayoga in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has curated her shala to be an inclusive, informative and disciplined yoga venue. Anna and her dedicated teachers’ unwavering willingines to share their knowledge of yoga philosophy, history, lifestyle and ethics with students, guests, and community is inspiring. At davannayoga I experienced a sense of purpose, joy and harmony in every class, workshop, and community event.
Lisa Edelman, September 2018

The content of this course and the teaching style was far better than I expected and my expectations were quite high. I feel very comfortable that I have learned everything necessary (and a whole lot more) to sequence and teach safe and effective classes. I highly recommend Davanna Yoga for anyone looking for an in depth understanding of the roots of yoga and how to honor those roots in modern classes and of course for those looking for a solid grasp on asana, this course certainly delivers.
Jai Salsbery, Mexico

Espíritu y Sabiduría, Anna Laurita es una persona llena de sabiduría y mucho espíritu desde el principio Anna me hizo sentir como en casa. Anna me hizo encontrar la Fortaleza que pense que no tenia. Gracias por ser mi guía en este camino del Yoga aprendí mucho de su gran sabiduría y enseñanzas.
Manuel Lozano, Mexico, July 2018

The moment I walked into Davannayoga School, I felt completely at home. Anna Laurita and her family have created a wonderful, peaceful and totally happy space, that welcomes you like a warm embrace. Anna herself oozes everything yoga; she certainly walks the talk and truly is an inspiration. My practice has evolved and improved since attending classes at the Shala. Having completed a three day yoga immersion course in February, which gave me a better insight into the philosophy and spirituality of yoga , deepened my practice and knowledge, it gave me the confidence and impetus to enrol on a Davannayoga Teacher Training Programme. I am so happy I did … I graduated in May ‘18 . This has been an amazing journey. You could certainly say, a life changing experience. On a personal level I feel healthier, stronger ; I have purpose and am more confident. All I can say is for anyone thinking about embarking on this journey – please take the step … you won’t regret it. Davannayoga is the perfect place. I felt totally supported all the way through and, continue to be supported by Anna and her teachers. Once you join the Davannayoga team you are embraced ‘near or far’ as part of this amazing community. It’s a very special family. The course content itself is very in depth and expertly taught by Anna Laurita and her team of teachers and specialists, that she enlists to hold workshops through out ; all of impeccable standard. The work manual and handouts are well thought out and are an invaluable and continuing source of reference. Anna is very in tune with her students needs and, goes out of her way to make sure everyone receives appropriate levels of individual support. She creates a happy and friendly environment conducive to learning and development. The programme equips you with all the tools you need to teach different elements of yoga confidently, competently and safely. I cannot commend Anna Laurita and Davannayoga highly enough.
Rebecca Bruce, England/Mexico May, 2018

This is a first-class program in every respect. You will be challenged, supported, inspired and come out with a deeper practice and ready to teach. Anna is a wealth of knowledge and a thoughtful and extremely caring teacher. She holds space for each student to feel valued and heard while running a very efficient and effective program schedule. Anna is a wealth of knowledge and truly embodies the heart of yoga! She has an inspiring practice grounded in deep spiritual roots. By training at Devanna Yoga you will become part of a warm yoga community, gain teaching experience right away and be supported in your personal yogi journey. I highly recommend Anna Laurita and Davannayoga. Be prepared to be blown away!
Louise Kozier, Canada

The davannayoga teacher training was so comprehensive, I really feel I left with a well rounded understanding of the vast spectrum of yogic philosophies, concepts and practices. Anna is fantastic, attentive, extremely knowledgeable and I am so grateful to have had her as my teacher!
Mel Rosina, Sydney Australia

Teacher training with Anna went much beyond my expectations. Anna is a passionate, dedicated and very experienced teacher and yogi. The other teachers she selected for some workshops were excellent, too. I feel very capable of sequencing and teaching a vinyasa class. We learned all sorts of adaptations to cater to a wide range of levels. I am confident with hands on assisting and adjusting- and had real practice with her regular students in the shala. I have a thorough understanding of proper alignment, how to look for it, and how to cue it. Safety of students and injury prevention was a huge emphasis, which I really appreciated. Her manual for students has a wealth of information. The training stays true to the tradition of yoga, learning much more than just asana. I feel motivated and inspired from the training and confident for choosing to focus on yoga as a business. Anna is an excellent support, very attentive to email and questions, and concerned about her students absorption of info. ALSO the small class size here really made the experience. We had much more one on one attention and really bonded as a group!
Liz Tucker, USA/Mexico

The 200 hour RYT training at davannayoga was a life-changing experience for me. Anna is everything that a yoga teacher should be. She truly lives the yogi life, is so compassionate to her teacher trainees and all of her students, and is so dedicated to sharing the gifts of yoga with all. She taught us so much, but also made it fun and enjoyable. I felt completely prepared to begin teaching right away. Now I just can’t wait to take nother one of her courses to continue to deepen my knowledge. I will be forever grateful to davannayoga!
Leona Downey, Puerto Vallarta, 2017

I learned so much from my training with Anna Laurita! She is a patient, compassionate teacher with a deep knowledge of asana, history, philosophy, and her program was both well rounded and intense. The community at Davannayoga is so welcoming and warm, and I appreciated the opportunity to study with a variety of teachers who had gone through the training previously and to see the manner in which they applied her teachings into their own unique styles. It was a wonderful, challenging experience, and I definitely recommend training with Anna.
Angela Rella, New York

Davannayoga is absolutely AMAZING!!! I am so happy that I did my teacher training here and I would highly recommend this school to anyone. I can’t wait to go back and visit!
Kathryn Hunting, SLO California, USA

Davannayoga training is incredibly well rounded and is applicable to anyone interested in diving deeper into the world of yoga from any background to becoming a highly trained yoga teacher of a variety of teaching methodologies and styles. Anna is the one of the most knowledgeable and experienced trainers and beautiful teachers in the world.
Susan Mocatta, Sept. 2017

“This training is extremely complete. Anna covers all the elements of becoming a yoga teacher so thoroughly that I felt confident to begin teaching immediately upon finishing the course. There is a beautiful comfort at Davannayoga with Anna Laurita, and I am utterly thrilled that I chose to take the training with her. Incredible support, love and preparation is what Davanna Yoga offers!”
Kylie Dalzell July 2017

“Davannayoga is hOMe. Anna is truly a modern day goddess, passing on the fire torch that is yoga magic, bestowing not only knowledge but inspiration to her students. The shala is perfection, the teachers, are accessible, informative and authentic. The curriculum was comprehensive and gave me a solid foundation of theory allowing me a framework to practice creativity and compassion on a personal level as well as a yoga professional. Anna is a blessing, I am so grateful for her influence in my life. GRACIAS PARA TODO GURU!
Jessyca Eve Canizales, Sri Lanka

I feel so grateful that I discovered Davannayoga and completed my training with Anna. She is such a support from the moment you make contact with her and quickly responds to any questions or concerns you may have. The training itself is incredible. Anna is so experienced and knowledgeable and makes everyone feel very comfortable and supported throughout it all. You receive a lot more than what is required by the Yoga Alliance. Anna sets up multiple work shops throughout the training and you get to experience the magic that is Kirtan meditation. I never came into the training with the intention of teaching afterwards, however once I was done I felt that there was no way I couldn’t pass along everything that I learned. From breathing techniques to help you through everyday life, mantras and meditation, to how to sequence a yoga class and include themes. You leave with so much confidence, creative energy and options of different avenues you can take your yoga knowledge. On top of all that, you’re in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, right on the ocean, where the people are so kind and the food is so delicious. I completed my training with a special group of women that I will always carry in my heart, I will forever be thankful for having Anna as my teacher. She has taught me so much and I admire her as an individual, I couldn’t imagine having the same experience anywhere else. She is patient, encouraging, kind and loving towards everyone and will teach you the true meaning of yoga. It is no wonder why there are many of her students now living in Puerto Vallarta and teaching in her shala. If you are thinking of taking a teacher training, this is the place to go. DO IT!
Ria Barrett, Canada

I was recommended to Davannayoga teachers training by a friend of mine who had also attended, and boy am I glad I signed up! Anna is such a fantastic teacher. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise astounds me along with her patience, generosity and commitment to her students. The yoga shala is a serene beautiful place to practice and learn. Vallarta itself is a beautiful town with the most idyllic beaches, amazing food and has the friendliest people I have come across on my travels in a long time. The training itself is intense but having Anna by your side supporting you, along with all the amazing people you meet will make all your hard work so worth it. The people you meet will likely end up being your friends for life, even when you live a million miles away from each other. I cant wait to go back!
Hayley Taylor

I couldn’t have found a better program. Anna is such a lovely and compassionate teacher that lives and breathes yoga fully.
Mariana Sanchez Peregrina

I adored the shala, the education and all of our teachers, especially Anna. The history of yoga and the respect to the Krishnamacharya lineage was inspiring and rooted every class to a deep spiritual place. I have nothing but good things to say about this program and this beautiful space in Mexico. I look forward to visiting again soon and taking on all that I was taught to spread the love in my yoga classes and in my everyday life.
Kaleigh Atkinson

“I chose to train at Davannayoga because I wanted a program that wasn’t just going to teach me the poses. At Davannayoga I gained an in-depth knowledge of not only the asanas, but why they work and what they do for the body. I also learned about meditation, how to live more of a yogic lifestyle, the Bhagavad Gita, and enjoyed our in-depth conversations of the Yamas and the Niyamas. Anna is not just a yoga teacher. She is a scholar in her field. Most importantly, I gained the confidence I needed to find my own voice as a teacher. Anna molded me and supported me in a way that balanced out my training. I can’t imagine having gone through this training anywhere else.”
Andrea Restivo, Los Angeles California USA

“Anna is a true guru, a lifelong teacher, practitioner, and devotee who has studied all over the world — and it shows. I’ve studied with many (many) teachers at well-known studios in NY, MA, SF, and LA, but — for her knowledge and passion, for a customized small group experience, for the opportunity to be part of a life-long, global community — I would strongly urge aspiring teachers to consider studying with Anna in PV!”
John Newsome, NY and SF, USA

Surpassed every expectation I had. Anna Laurita is a power-house of energy, knowledge, and experience. I will be enrolling in her 500YTT whenever she rolls out the curriculum!
Julie DeVilbiss, Vermont USA

Love the program and Anna is a sweetheart and the knowledge she has is amazing. so grateful for having this life changing experience in Davannayoga!
Alicia Huet, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Davannayoga provides a comprehensive and fun teacher training program, I highly recommend Anna’s program to anyone interested in becoming a yoga teacher. I felt prepared to teach the minute I walked out the door.
Jeri Kreig, Canada

Davannayoga was such a great and loving experience, from Anna, her family, the other teachers and of course the unforgettable friends you will make on the course. Anna’s Shala is very welcoming and has so much culture and energy. I learnt a lot about my personal practice, alignment, adjustments and safety which were my key objectives of a YTT. Anna gives a good foundation for new teachers and you get the opportunity to share your thoughts, demonstrations and practice your own classes. Davannayoga is very traditional and Anna has great respect for the KYM lineage which is a solid foundation to start a yoga teacher journey. And her bliss balls are amazing!
Jayne Coote, England

A really solid base on which to begin a yoga teaching journey. I enjoyed the more traditional approach that Davannayoga offer, and I felt ready to jump straight into teaching on graduation. Because of the intense nature of the course, I also formed close bonds with fellow students, which helps immensely with future endeavours!
Cindra Banks, Australia

In my experience, yoga teacher training was something that lingered in the back of my mind and was always on the ‘to do someday’ list. As with all great things that happen in life, Davannayoga came at the right place and time and I feel eternally grateful for this serendipitous opportunity. You will not find a more genuine or supportive environment than Davannayoga in which to grow, nor a more knowledgeable or kind teacher than Anna from whom to learn.
Tara Bergeson, BSF
MSc Candidate, NRES | University of Northern British Columbia

Coming from the other side of the world, it was davannayoga’s comprehensive website that first caught my attention when searching for a yoga teacher training school in Mexico. It was clear and full of information and showed Anna’s commitment to her practise, teaching and teacher training. It also showed a high level of professionalism and credentials that I wanted from my training. And I am very pleased to say that my experience at davannayoga far exceeded any of my expectations. Anna is a very knowledgeable, professional, generous, compassionate and passionate teacher. The course is thorough and impeccably structured, giving great scope and insight into the teaching, methodology, anatomy, philosophy, history, business and practice of yoga. And this is all done in the embrace of Anna, her family, community and shala in beautiful PuertoVallarta. Each and every student is made to feel completely welcome and supported through this intensive training period.

Not only am I now a qualified Yoga Alliance recognised Yoga Teacher, but taking my training at davannayoga has prepared me to be as successful a yoga teacher as I can be. And the development, growth and deepening of my own yoga practice has been astounding. This training has equipped me with knowledge, confidence and support to start this new chapter of my life. Furthermore, Anna’s commitment to her students extends long after graduation and I feel my kinship to the davannayoga family is unending.
Shoshannah Orenstein, Australia

Anna Laurita is a great teacher. Not only she is experienced and very knowledgeable, but she is also compassionate and really interested in every one of her students. She made the whole process so enjoyable that I never want to stop studying with her! Before I began the teacher’s training I had my doubts about wanting to be a teacher but she inspired me so much that I am certain that I want to be a yoga teacher, hopefully some day as good as she is. I recommend her training to anyone who wants to be a teacher and also to students who want to have a deeper understanding of every aspect of yoga from anatomy to history, philosophy, thai massage, meditation, proper alignment of every asana, etc.
Alejandra Suarez, Mexico

I’m sure Anna must feel extremely satisfied after finishing the teacher’s training because she’s a great teacher, with great skills, always prepared, always studying, and always willing to learn more.

I know she’s a great universe gift.
I feel ready, I’ve learned TONS, and she encourages me to learn more & more and be responsible in the teaching field.
I’ll always thank her in my heart for being such a great mentor, for believing in me and always have a kind word to go forward.
I miss the teacher training team and the study group!!! And will have all them all always in my heart!

Anna is definitively one of my life gurus…

I just want to say that I really enjoyed everything. You are always so positive that you really inspire us. For sure you inspired me. I think your way of teaching is just wonderful. and thank you so much for everything you have taught me. Namaste!
Shamira Arzumendi Machuca, Mexico

davannayoga gave me what I was looking for and even more. The way Anna transmits her knowledge is so pleasing, it makes you want to stay forever! I left my training with much humbleness in my heart, with a burning desire to be of service to my community and walk aside those who wish to be better human beings. I also know that the more I study, the more there is to know, Yoga is an endless journey, and I’m enjoying the ride!!
Cathy Arce Urroz, Guadalajara, Mexico

This training has helped me so much! I have been teaching full time for three years, and I arrived to this training with plenty of questions. I have felt that my students needed certain adjustments, motivation, and deeper understanding of what they are doing, and this training has truly given me the tools I need to feel more articulate and more confident at dealing with the various complicated situations you face when teaching. Anna’s emphasis on encouraging the direction of the postures helped me remember what the emphasis should be in the asanas.

I also feel more prepared for the different level of students in classes, giving more challenging postures to those who are ready for them, as well as literally giving tools to people to come in at varying levels of the postures. I feel Anna’s training has helped me to trust my own style of teaching, and this definitely shines through to the students.
Anna Smutny, Montreal, Canada

Davannayoga is a great place to start deepening your yoga studies and practice. Spending time in a peaceful yoga shala with an amazing view of the beautiful ocean and the best guide is priceless.

I feel very honored to have Anna Laurita as a guide in this adventurous ride. I would have never imagined I didn’t have to go to the other side of the world to learn and experience a course so great. She really is a living example of a loving woman following a yogic path. I was very inspired by her from day one and still am.
Mariana Sanchez Peregrina

“I feel like I have been given so many great tools from you (Anna) that will absolutely help me as a student and a teacher in yoga and art. I am so grateful to have had you as my teacher and to have experienced this in Puerto Vallarta, of all places!!! This amazing experience is hard to let go of, but will always be fondly with me.”
Danielle Redlin

Anna is the best teacher I have ever had. I have been doing yoga for 11 years all over the world and without a doubt she is the best in my experience! You leave her classes feeling more knowledgable, lighter at heart and one inch longer from every dimension of your body! You just have to take a class to know what I mean!
Mitra Ayat-Mahdavi

The training has a really good quality and I have learned a lot in all of the aspects of yoga. Anna is so generous and filled with compassion for all. She has been such an inspiration for me to live yoga in my daily life. She took really good care of us and if we had a question she would take her time to find the answer. For example she found out I had hyper-extended elbows wich nobody else had ever noticed. Then she gave simple adjustments I could do for it. One of the other great things is that we also got to see how she balances being a shala-owner, teacher and mother.

After the training I feel much more centered, inspired and compassionate than before. I am truly grateful with all my heart. Thank you for your compassion, patience, love, generosity, words and inspiration.Thank you!
Kristiane Dranger, Norway

I know we all said thank you a thousand times but I feel so lucky to have completed my training with you and your beautiful studio. The course is none other than life changing and the support from yourself, nora, sam and the other training yogis really made the whole experience ‘delicious’.

My biggest learning was to be OK with where I am at, in life and with different asanas. Making peace with it not being a ‘today’ pose. The training made me go within and feel the pose, which has improved my practice enormously. I’m feeling so much stronger and am certain I have grown a couple of cm’s due to my posture! Or maybe im just holding my head higher!
Kim McPherson, Australia

“If you’re thinking of doing it, stop thinking and do it! The training I received at davannayoga has enhanced my journey in so many ways. Anna brings everything to her training; I learned what I had intended to and about 1000 times more. I felt well prepared after the training.”
Raelene Hodgson, Vancouver Canada

Davannayoga surpassed any & all expectations I had! It is an amazing program, that is taught by an amazing Yogini, Anna. She is a fountain of knowledge on asanas, pranayama, mantra, yogic lifestyle, etc. And most importantly she teaches from the heart, you can see & feel her love of yoga. I loved the experience & hope to be back some day to learn more from Anna.
Ashley Erdahl , Portland Oregon

Thorough, knowledgable, passionate training and guidance. I would train with Guru Anna again.
Mark McVey, Canada

“What an AMAZING 20 days!!! To be at the beach and the mountains was an added bonus to a life changing experience. I highly recommend this program to everyone. Anna Laurita is an excellent teacher who made us feel confident in our abilities and taught us so much more than was expected. Class groups are very small and she fosters a positive, family like environment where we thrive and soak up every last drop of knowledge that she offers up for us as gifts. If you don’t have the time, make the time! If you don’t have the money, save up!”
Kaori Cristina Gomez

Shannon Tabor ( on Google, Feb. 23, 2021)
Anna is a wonderful yoga instructor, teacher, and all-around person. I recently completed my yoga teacher training with her and had an excellent experience. Due to Covid-19 I took this training online instead of in person and I was very impressed by Anna’s ability to teach in a virtual environment – she made the time fly by and also made me feel very comfortable! Anna is extremely knowledgeable and skilled and she has so much to offer! I would recommend Davannayoga to anyone living in or visiting PV as well as anyone elsewhere in the world looking for virtual yoga classes or yoga school.