Yoga Class Theming at Davannayoga

What Does Your Yoga Class Deliver?

by Anna Laurita

Create Fluidity On Your Mat and In Your Life; Open To Your Heart’s Desire; Overcome Obstacles;  Breathe Through the Tough Stuff; Surrender and Offer it Up To The Universe.  Does your yoga practice take you to these places? If not, you’re missing out.  

A themed yoga practice delivers a thought provoking spiritual idea that’s woven throughout the practice for you to ponder. This idea may stick with you throughout the day or longer.  

The very nature of yoga practice makes you receptive, peeling away our tough outer layers to open you to your natural, blissful, luminous, true-self.  The seed planted by your teacher may take root and flourish. If your teacher includes a thought provoking spiritual theme in their class, like we do at davannayoga, they are opening you up to discovery, miracle and possibility. The practice is more than memorable, it has a positive impact on the way you live your life! 

My students will often remark – “how did you know that I needed that inspiration today”?   I return with “I am glad it spoke to you”.  They tell me that class themes invite them to change their perspective, bring them out of a slump, or bring them into the present moment. Theming is like taking a memorable journey toward more mindfulness, surrender, strength, and even collective consciousness.  

Here are some of my student’s favorite themes. We have over 65 themed classes available on our Online Studio at Vimeo and you can rent/buy one or more class or subscribe to all of the classes for one month for only 19$.

Chakra Balancing – flowing through the chakras

Happiness Hatha 

Rise and Shine

Yoga and Patience

Don’t resist Happiness

Gratitude Vinyasa

Dynamic Tranquility

Inner Focus

Strength and Grace

Flow Like Water

Vibhuti – Peace Power Vinyasa

Drishti – where to gaze in my practice

Vinyasa for Inner Awareness

Hatha Yoga for Strength and Confidence

Gentle Yoga for Peace and Positivity

Focus on Loving Kindness

A themed class is a catalyst to take a sweet journey into more self awareness, it takes the student beyond the physical asana space to a place of deep personal exploration.

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