Dra Rachel will be leading the following sessions:

1) Basic Injuries and modifying your student’s yoga practice

Teaching the advanced teacher about basic injuries that anybody can have ( from bursitis to a herniated spinal disk) and how to modify the student’s practice accordingly

2) Developing the Eye to See

This session will help the advanced teacher to recognize structural and muscular imbalances that will affect the yoga practice of the student. We will discuss agonist/antagonist muscular relationships, basic posture alignment and the neural pathways and general energy reading.

Rachel Grosik


Dr. Rachel Grosik B.S., D.C. is a chiropractor and owner of Holistic Chiropractic. She opened her chiropractic office in Puerto Vallarta with the passion to educate and assist patients in achieving optimal health and performance.

Dr. Rachel places emphasis on the body as a whole, believing that health is a balance of physical, mental and soulful wellness. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology from William Paterson University in New Jersey and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. Her background allows her to incorporate a variety of chiropractic techniques in her office. “My goal is to share my knowledge and various treatment approaches to help each patient reach their health goals. Whether that may be getting out of pain and back to enjoying life, achieving a higher level of performance physically or mentally, recovering from an injury, training for sports or maintaining a wellness lifestyle.”