Your Exhale Is My Inhale

Use breath as a way to re-connect to others

We are all starting to venture out of our homes, remove our masks and become social again, but research shows that many of us suffer from anxiety around reconnecting to others after being in our pandemic bubble for so long.  Maybe we’re just out of practice and need some tips. In this short article and brief meditation, Anna Laurita from Davannayoga in Puerto Vallarta, provides a simple way to gain more confidence to help us get out and about again. The answer is at the tip of your nose. 

We breathe on average 22,000 times per day.    The breath is the thread that connects us. We all share the human experience of breathing and our breath is the foundation from which we perceive the world around us – for some, the breath is fast and short, yet for others, it is long, slow, and peaceful.  

Your inhale is another’s exhale and their inhale is your exhale.

You may not be consciously thinking of others while you breathe, but when you breathe, you are connecting to others.  You are becoming familiar with your breath, creating stability and connection with yourself and others.  We are connecting by sharing the air that we breathe.

Please take less than four minutes to practice this breath meditation with Anna and surely you will feel more connected to those around you and more grounded and secure in venturing out again. You can use the video or follow the simple instructions below.


1. Come to a reclined position and place your hands on your belly. Feel the natural breath move through you. You are like a musical instrument that your breath is playing. Are you a screeching guitar or a peaceful flute?

2. Take a long inhale through the nose.  Now a long exhale through the mouth.  And now, breathe naturally

3. Notice how your body moves without trying to control it. Just try to become familiar with this movement in your body.  By becoming more familiar with your breath, you create more stability in your life.  This slow familiar breath connects you to others.

4. Breath into the nose, and exhale through the mouth again, and then again let the breath be natural. 

When you’re breath slows down, your thoughts slow down too.

The breath brings us together. We all breathe, we all have the shared human existence and shared experience of breathing. When we consciously breathe together, this creates connection.

So if you’re feeling anxious about re-connection, slow down and take some conscious breaths – I recommend breathing in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, followed by some natural breaths. When you’re in a room with others, take a conscious breath or just notice your breath, slow down your breath. Through this breath you are connected.

Breathe in and breathe out, and though you may not be thinking of others, know that you are sharing breath and you will feel more connected to those around you. After all, your inhale is my exhale and my inhale is your exhale. 

If you would like to learn more about your breath and its potential to help you live a vibrant and healthy life, please check out Anna’s online breathing course called Breath Potential. This is a self-paced course on an easy-to-follow platform.  You can connect with Anna for breathing practices online or in person at:

Video credits: FL Studio From Pexels

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